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In Forever Distant you play as a spaceship whose entire fleet was lost in space, and your job is to find where they may have gone to. There were reports of dangerous enemies and even more dangerous bosses. Fight your way through all the enemies and find the missing fleet.


Inside you will find 7 story  gamemodes to play from; completing a gamemode reveals the next gamemode in the storyline.

After completing the story and completing a secret task, you will unlock 2 more gamemodes to play; and the opportunity of unlocking another extra secret gamemode.


Before starting a game you can customize what you use during the game in the preparation menu, where you can select:

  • how much health you start with
  • how fast the player is
  • how fast you fire
  • how much energy you start with

You may also pick through 9 types of bullets you can use to blast through the enemies; all bullets have various styles and positions.


Shoot the enemies and bosses to damage them respectively, on their death they will drop glowing orbs; these orbs will increase the player's score, and collecting multiple of these orbs will give the player back energy.

Shooting bullets cost energy the ship automatically regains when not shooting.

Once out of energy the player will be unable to move or shoot until they have gained a bit of energy back.


  • keyboard
    • Use WASD or arrow keys to move the player
    • Use the spacebar or the left mouse button to fire bullets
  • controller
    • Use the left joystick to move the player
    • Use the Y button (XBOX) or the △ button (PLAYSTATION) to fire bullets
    • Use the right trigger to fire bullets

Any other controls should be shown in-game, and you may look back at the controls any time from the help menu in the Main Menu.


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